A Word From Our Pastor

Ask yourself these questions .....
Are you looking for a fresh start for all of your family?
A new beginning with other Christians?
Are you looking for a place to worship with others of the
same mind and heart?
Are you looking for a church with people who are sincere
about their Christian living?
A place where you can be refreshed in the Lord and feel the
joy and happiness of your Christian life?
A place where other Christians have that special touch to
care about your spiritual needs- realizing that we are not
perfect, but want to be used of God to help others come to
Are you a lonely person in need of friendship?
This is the place for you!
A place where God is worshiped and the Lord Jesus is
A place where the Bible is preached and taught.
A place where Singing unto the Lord is inspiring.
A place where you will be accepted into this family of God.

What God Did!
God instituted the church for our benefit. The
church is a place to come apart from the cares of
this world. God uses the local church as a spiritual.
refuge for the soul; a haven of safety and rest; a
place of fellowship and friendship; a place of
instruction from the Bible; a place to worship, sing
and pray with one another.
What You Can Do:
Come and see for yourself! Our church is
a caring and sharing church that seeks to meet the
needs of the individual and the family. God's Word,
the Bible, has the resolutions to your problems.
Our church preaches and teaches from the
Bible, and can help you with the spiritual needs and
problems in your life.
We welcome you to join us in fellowship and
participate in God's ministry this Sunday!

Emphasizing Christian Family Fellowship
Residence 200 Arizona Street
Church: 201 Arizona Street
Bisbee, Arizona 85603-5243
Telephone: Study: (520) 432-4722
Pastor (520) 459-8552

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